Your Day-by-Day Adventure


  • Arrival in Italian region of your choice by 3pm; airport or train station gathering point will be communicated prior to your arrival
  • Transfer to beautiful and authentic lodging
  • Check-in: get settled and start to soak in the magic of the Italian countryside!
  • Guided tasting of regional wines to start getting acquainted with the tastes of the terroir
  • Dinner featuring local cuisine, including sommelier-led pairings: immerse yourself in the flavors and aromas of the weekend to come!


  • Breakfast: sip your coffee while reminiscing about last night’s dinner and preparing yourself for a wonderful day of tasting and exploring…
  • Discussion of the Mediterranean diet and nutrition with one of our experts: prime your mind and your senses for the upcoming culinary adventures
  • Lunch: put into practice what you learned during our Mediterranean diet conversation! Enjoy a cooking lesson with a local chef, get a hands-on look at how to coax the best flavors out of the raw materials and make the most of seasonal produce, and (of course!) enjoy the fruits of your labor afterwards
  • Afternoon visit to a local winery: enjoy a guided tasting, tour of the vineyards and cellar, dive into the process of winemaking, and connect the contents of your glass to the panorama of the landscape
  • Dinner: enjoy a drive to a fantastic local restaurant where you will experience a delicious meal with specialized pairings; use your day’s experience of the Mediterranean diet and local wine making techniques to uncover new flavors and new depth in your plate and glass.


  • Breakfast: did yesterday’s experiences at the vineyard change how you experienced the pairings at dinner? Reflect on what you’ve learned and what you’d like to continue exploring at the winery visit later this afternoon!
  • Visit a local artisan tied to the traditions of the region (see a ceramicist in Puglia, a leatherworker in Tuscany, an olive oil producer in Umbria, and more): explore their studio and learn about how they keep centuries-old traditions alive, enriching the region and preserving local history; this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will allow you to uncover the true tapestry of the region (and is a wonderful place to shop for memories of your trip!)
  • Transport to a local village, enjoy free time to wander through picturesque village streets and shop at local artisanal boutiques, explore beautiful churches, piazzas, and cafés! Stretch your legs, enjoy the fresh country air, and build your appetite for tonight’s special treats!
  • Lunch: enjoy a simple lunch on your own (recommendations provided), shop for local, regional delicacies to bring the flavors of Italy home with you
  • Winery visit: meet with our expert sommelier, move through the landscape, the bottling room, the special stores of vintages! Unlock the secrets of the vineyard and taste their offerings with newfound appreciation: deepen your understanding of the wine making process and expand on your ability to detect flavors and nuances in the glass
  • Dinner at the winery: enjoy a delicious multi-course meal expertly paired with local wines, discuss the interactions of flavors, identify the nuances of the terroir and how they move through the food and the wine


  • Breakfast: enjoy the expansive views over the countryside and the fresh Italian air… it might already be time to start planning your next trip to this magical country!
  • Winery visit: wander through another gorgeous vineyard before heading back to the real world! Enjoy the sunny hills, the fragrant vines, the cool cellars, all rich with the secrets of the ancient craft of winemaking. Reflect on everything you’ve learned and discuss your favorite new discoveries during a guided tasting with one of our wine experts.
  • Enjoy the age-old tradition of Italian Sunday lunch: witness the joyful cacophony of families coming together, reminisce about your weekend over multiple courses and wine pairings, appreciate the tastes and the traditions of your chosen terroir as you overlook the landscape
  • Over lunch, discuss the Italian lifestyle: wouldn’t you like to take your new understanding and appreciation of the Slow Food movement, local and seasonal meals, the terroir and its flavors back home with you? Days of beauty, enjoyment, and enriching experiences may seem easier to have in the stunning Italian countryside, but allow our lifestyle expert to teach you how to keep living like an Italian in your everyday life, no matter where you are!
  • Transfer to airport or train station by 5pm: Arrivederci! We hope to see you again!


Depending on your travel plans, the order of events is subject to modification to best accommodate the schedule in the region of choice!

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