Food & wine communication

Poetry is translated by poets, books are translated by writers, but advertising texts must be translated by communicators.
We offer effective, idiomatic communication in English to the world of Italian Wine.

Communication strategies for food & wine
in english and italian

English is the lingua franca for business but broken English needs fixing! It’s not enough to have a website in English: it must be correct, convincing and communicative. Every project receives our full attention: we work with the client to create a personal style.

We don’t translate texts: we create them. Together with winemakers, we identify the image and the story they want to tell. You have a product of excellence, but the world doesn’t know it.

Grapevine Experience provides effective communication services

Wine represents the best of what is Made in Italy, but it’s rarely presented as such. A product should be promoted with the right style of communication: Italian Style. We put at the disposal of our clients years of experience – Grapevine Experience!


Text creation for websites, press releases, brochures, labels


Restyling of existing websites, revision of texts


Special attention to product image, particular focus on design, graphics, photos and label choices


We find your ideal partner in the world market. We organize FAM tours for journalists and opinion makers.

Language Consulting

We are available 24/7 for your linguistic needs. A sentence, an expression or a single word, Grapevine Experience always succeeds in “putting in a good word”, wherever required.

Business English courses

  • Terminology for people in the field
  • Weekend full-immersion
  • Improve your linguistic skills for the world of Food & Wine


Are you tired of being tongue-tied every time you have to speak English? Grapevine Experience will help you solve your linguistic block thanks to over 20 years of teaching experience. Our approach consists of sessions where customers can improve their linguistic skills, learn correct idiomatic expressions in English and become more self-confident. We offer complete flexibility in order to follow the client during his/her learning process and meet his/her needs. Wine makers have busy schedules: that is why we come to the winery, even following our clients directly into the vineyards.

Interpreting IT-EN

In addition to creating every type of text in English, Grapevine Experience is available to support you in meetings and fairs, accompany you on important trips and represent your interests during negotiations in English.
We develop a relationship of total confidence and discretion with our clients, as their interests are also ours.

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